Innovative fabricator Whiteline unveils another industry first with the launch of A++ rated windows, as certificated by the new BFRC labelling scheme. The A++ rating has been introduced as of October 1 2015 to encourage greater energy efficiency in the UK built environment, making real improvements versus previously available products. Products with an energy rating of A+20 and above qualify for the A++ label and offer a great opportunity for installers to upsell based on enhanced performance.

Whiteline now offer accredited windows rated from A+21 to A+33, using their unique combination of SlimSASH, with its 6 chamber, 70mm deep standard frame and its new 7 chamber, 85mm deep Revival frame option. All require Triple glazed 36mm units and gas fill options to complete the ensemble which is exclusively available to Whiteline customers.

“BFRC is delighted at the take up for the new A++ rating for windows.“ comments BFRC Managing Director Chris Mayne. “Since the announcement that BFRC was accepting applications for the new A++ band we received simulation reports from far more companies than we expected. This has resulted in the launch of the first batch of A++ window products and we look forward to seeing how they perform in the market.”

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