Epwin Window Systems has announced the completion of its cutting-edge customer showroom and meeting centre at its Telford headquarters. Spanning approximately 200 sqm, this exceptional facility showcases over 21 products across its PVC-U and aluminium systems, reaffirming its commitment to product excellence.

Gerald Allen, Head of Marketing at Epwin Windows Systems, said: “The new showroom marks a significant step forward in providing customers with an immersive experience, allowing them to explore the depth and scope of our product offer whilst interacting with advanced technologies. Each displayed product is accompanied by an identification plaque with a direct link to the corresponding page on the Epwin Window Systems’ website, providing immediate access to comprehensive information.”

As you would expect from Epwin Window Systems, the attention to detail is evident at every level and includes the latest innovative solutions. Gerald said: “To highlight the integration of smart technologies, selected products within the showroom have been fitted with Yale SensCheck, that has been purpose-designed to support the growth in smart home products. The Yale SensCheck is the latest integrated smart window and door lock sensor and visitors can see first-hand the benefits of this technology on windows and doors.”

As part of the extensive project, Epwin Window Systems has also introduced three new customer suites, tailored to facilitate efficient and engaging interactions. These suites offer flexible capacities to accommodate various group sizes, from smaller meeting points to largescale presentations. Gerald said: “To enhance the collaborative customer experience we have also added two touchscreen TVs in the customer suites which are preloaded with product and service presentations. And a state-of-the-art projector with a 3-metre-wide screen adds a cinematic dimension to presentations and discussions too.”

Visitors are provided with a helpful showroom guide to assist them on the journey, ensuring they make the most of their experience and gain a comprehensive understanding of the offerings on display. And for customers who cannot attend in person, an immersive 360-degree tour is available allowing customers to experience the showroom from the comfort of their own devices.

The completion of the state-of-the-art showroom and meeting centre represents Epwin Window Systems’ ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of excellence in the industry.

Gerald concluded: “Our new showroom and meeting facility provides customers with an immersive and informative space which is already proving popular with visitors to our Telford headquarters.”


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