The benchmark of the industry in regards to profile bending has always been Force 8, with their unique seamless one piece arched frames. As quality goes there is not a lot of room for improvement, but Force 8 have even managed to improve on perfection, you can now have the frames delivered in just 48 hours.


This has been archived by an investment in new technology. Rather than using hardboard or MDF templates, all that is needed now is just the width and spring line height. New computer technology optimises the profile and cuts it accordingly, without the need for templates. Now all the components can be made simultaneously without the need to check for fitting, greatly shortening the manufacturing time. Once complete all the components are brought together to create the arched frame, which is not only millimetre perfect, but of a quality that would be difficult to match.


Force 8 can also supply the glazing ensuring all products comply with new CE marking which will become mandatory on 1st July 2013.  Due to the accuracy of the new system, the software can specify the glass shape at the same time as it calculates the frame.


“ We have been producing arched frames for many years, and they are still one of our core products. Our aim has been to streamline production and shorten the lead time”, comments Dennis Sumner, managing director of Force 8. “The main problem we faced was how to maintain the quality which Force 8 products have become synonymous with, but even we were surprised by how well the system works”.


This once again demonstrates why Force 8 is at the forefront of innovation within the window and door industry, and are still driving the revolution.