New restrictions aren’t denting the appetite for home improvements causing construction boom

Powered Now, a mobile billing service for the trades, unveils new research highlighting that the trade and improvement sector will remain robust amid second wave concerns

The number of Coronavirus cases has continued to rise over the past weeks, causing significant concerns over another lockdown, which is sure to severely affect the construction and home improvement industries once again. With new restrictions set to be announced today, it has been shown that despite the threat of a second wave and consequential lockdowns, DIY and home improvements have experienced a boom in popularity and desirability alike.
Nationally representative research conducted by Powered Now, has suggested that Brits are certainly not allowing the pandemic to get in the way of their home improvement aspirations, with 15% of tradespeople experiencing their highest client demand ever.

Key Statistics:

· 81% agreed that despite Coronavirus, they won’t postpone home improvement work because of a reluctance to have other people in their house
· 18% of Brits agree that a second wave will not get in the way of home improvement projects
· 16% of tradespeople agree that the threat of a second wave of COVID has influenced them to commence work on home improvements sooner rather than later
· 15% of tradespeople are experiencing their highest client demand ever, post-COVID
· 17% of tradespeople regularly work over 10 hours a day

The restoration of consumer confidence has been pivotal for recovery, and the home improvement sectors have proven no different. With millions of people across the country deciding to make changes to their homes in order to prepare for the colder months, this is fantastic news for the growth of the trade sectors and SMEs that deliver home improvements.

Ben Dyer, CEO of Powered Now, comments on the research and how a second wave may cause a welcome increase in productivity and growth for the sector.

“As Covid cases continue to rise and with new restrictions set to be announced today, there are certainly concerns around the possibility of another lockdown, and how it will affect the construction and trade sectors. However, our research has shown that the pandemic will not get in the way of home improvements, especially as we draw closer to the colder months.

This is great news as the sector has continued to see an upward trajectory of recovery, and it just goes to show how important these sectors are when it comes to overcoming the problems caused by COVID-19. Despite second wave concerns, our research has entirely confirmed that tradespeople and consumers alike are very much eager to sustain this growth, with traders being are motivated to work and commencing their work on home improvements even sooner. This is sure to help the sector bounce back even quicker as people will rush to hire a tradesperson for their desired work.”