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VEKA records an astounding 2208 tonne carbon saving

Colin Torley VEKA Sales and Marketing Director

Minimising environmental impact has always been of the utmost importance to VEKA, and even though the company already has a string of environmental awards under its belt, the system supplier is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to be as energy efficient as possible.

This dedication has certainly paid off, as Sales and Marketing Director Colin Torley explains: “Since 2008, we have worked tirelessly to develop and introduce energy-saving measures that will massively reduce our carbon footprint. Through the implementation of these measures we have managed to save a massive 2208 tonnes of carbon from being emitted, something we are obviously very proud of.

“Some of the changes we have made include switching our extrusion line motors from DC to AC, fitting variable speed compressors on air lines on all extrusion tables, as well as modifying cooling towers to give energy savings in water cooling.

“We also implemented an energy management system, so we now have an instant record of the electricity each machine in the factory consumes, and we have enforced energy awareness training for all operatives in the factory.”

VEKA is no stranger to leading the way in environmental awareness, having won a number of awards for its green efforts. 2012 was an especially successful year for the company in terms of environmental recognition, as The VEKA UK Group picked up four prestigious trophies, including Energy Efficiency Initiative of the Year at the G12 Awards and Environmental Innovation at the Groundwork Pennine Lancashire Awards.

The VEKA UK Group has become known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to environmental issues. VEKA created the UK’s first ever ‘A’ rated window and in 2010 introduced the Infinity suite of profiles, which combines the level of style and spec you would expect from a VEKA window system, but is also coupled with a huge environmental bonus, as Infinity contains up to 80% recycled content.

Colin concludes: “We have saved a considerable amount of CO2 emissions over the last five years, and these measures will continue to be evolved and new ones developed – VEKA has never rested on its laurels, and we believe that continuing to look to the future is the key to our ongoing success in the environmental field.”

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