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Trojan Group celebrates outstanding FIT Show

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The Trojan Group’s sales team is going to have a busy few weeks following up on enquiries made at the FIT Show. The company’s stand was busy throughout all three days of the show and staff were inundated with enquiries. Tony Chadwick, Trojan’s Group Managing Director said, “Our existing customers were extremely interested in our newest products, the Stallion 3 Window Lock and the Sparta 3 Window Handle. But we also got a lot of interest from potential new customers. We are one of the biggest hardware names in the industry and we’ve got a reputation for quality and innovation. But sometimes, people need to see the products for themselves to understand just how much they have to offer. The FIT Show was the perfect opportunity for people to do that and we were overwhelmed with the interest we received.”

As Tony says, Trojan’s two newest products attracted a lot of attention from existing customers who already understand the value that Trojan can bring to a business. The Stallion 3 is suitable for all applications from zero to 1300mm and fits PVC-U profiles or profiles with standard Eurogroove applications. Apart from the minimised inventory, one of the advantages of this one size fits all applications approach is the drastically reduced supply lead time, which will help installers to fulfil urgent projects. Meanwhile, the new look Sparta 3 handle offers a wealth of new benefits without increasing costs or reducing quality and, as usual, has been designed to meet the needs of installers and homeowners alike.

Trojan’s stainless steel range proved exceptionally popular with both existing and potential customers. All the products in the range come with a 25 year guarantee and offer superb corrosion resistance, something that’s becoming increasingly important with our changeable weather. The range, which comprises a handle, letter plate, door knocker, numerals, spyviewer and flag hinge, has been designed to suite perfectly and because it’s available in three price points, it suits every project budget, making it a great addition to any portfolio.

Trade shows are a great opportunity for the industry to see what’s out there. And judging by the number of enquiries that Trojan received at the FIT Show, people liked what they saw when they got to the Trojan stand.


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