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Trojan does it once again

letterplate imageTrojan’s reputation and growth has been built on the design innovation of its products. A perfect example of this is shown in the sales of its stainless steel letterplates. In only 12 months, sales of the letterplate have leapt from 5,000 units per month to over 50,000 per month. Trojan Group Managing Director Tony Chadwick says, “The stainless steel letterplate was carefully designed to offer multiple design improvements and its success demonstrates how much the market values those improvements.”

So what makes the stainless steel letterplate so different from other letterplates on the market? As always with Trojan, there are improvements right across the board.

Firstly, it was one of the first “postman-friendly” letterplates on the market. The intelligent design and attention to detail means that a Trojan letterplate can easily be opened even when the postman is wearing thick gloves in winter.

The stainless steel construction of the product also offers clear benefits thanks to its superb corrosion resistance. It is becoming increasingly clear that traditional zinc-based hardware products simply don’t perform well enough in our increasingly harsh winters and coastal environments. As failure rates on these products increase, the stainless steel alternative looks increasingly attractive – something that the massive increase in sales of Trojan’s stainless steel range last year proves. The stainless steel letterplate gives homeowners a product that looks good, performs well and comes with a 25 year guarantee to prove it.

Finally, installers also benefit with a genuinely “fit and forget” solution. The letterplate is easy to install and, thanks to the stainless steel construction, costly recalls and site visits as a result of product failure are extremely unlikely.

When it comes to hardware, only three things matter: aesthetics, performance and price. Trojan’s stainless steel letter is beautiful to look at, is guaranteed for 25 years and is competitively priced with three price options, so can be used on all projects from budget to premium. It’s perhaps no wonder that sales have leapt so dramatically in the past year!


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