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The Fit Show sales professional of the year nears its conclusion as latest video is released

Paul Clifton invites viewers to make their own judgeent in the latest vi...

It’s crunch time! The third and final stage of The FIT Show Sales Professional Of The Year competition has been reached as the first of five short videos highlighting the efforts of the three remaining contenders to persuade an ‘acting’ couple to purchase new windows for their Manchester home has been released.

Nick Trigg of Mid Wales Windows; Ed Burgess from Countryside Home Improvements; and Adrian Phillips from Nolan UPVC were individually put in front of the camera lens as part of the race to win the £10,000 cash prize to be split between themselves and their employer, a one day sales master class worth £1,500 and the prestigious title of ‘FIT Show Sales Professional Of The Year’.

The first video covers the essential window-selling process of ‘Survey and fact find’ and will shortly be followed in the lead-up to the show with four further videos detailing: ‘Choosing a design’, ‘Choosing a product’, ‘Price reveal’ and ‘Closing the sale’.

The ‘couple’ were encouraged prior to the impending arrival of each salesman to ask any relevant questions and note how they reacted to their requirements. At the end of each video they then supplied their feedback to observing Sales Training Guru Paul Clifton and were asked to give each competitor a rating out of ‘ten’ for the relevant discipline.

As you will see upon viewing the full suite of videos, the standard was exceptional and our ‘couple’ showed no hesitation in providing some very valuable constructive criticism that the finalists can take on-board for the future.

The overall winner has already been chosen by Paul Clifton and will be disclosed at The FIT Show Gala Dinner on Thursday, 17th April.

In the meantime, you can evaluate each of their performances by viewing the first video here:

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