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Polyframe purchase Stuga ZX3 for new Northern Ireland facility

IMG_0439Halifax based window and door fabricator Polyframe have recently opened a new manufacturing facility in Northern Ireland where they will be working with the Rehau Tritec 60mm and Rehau Total 70 profiles. The new factory is located in Portadown and is well located to serve both northern and southern Ireland as well as Scotland. Stuga have installed a ZX3 fully automatic sawing & machining center in the new factory and this is being used for production from day one to ensure that Polyframe N.I. gets off to a flying start and ensure it runs as efficiently as possible.

Stuga were chosen to supply the sawing and machining equipment following Polyframe’s experience of using Stuga machinery in their Norwich facility. Polyframe have a Stuga ZX4 and a ZX3 at their Norwich factory so they are familiar with the equipment and the back-up from Stuga which gave them the comfort to work with the Norfolk based machinery manufacturer in the Irish market. It was also good to know that Stuga already has nine automatic sawing & machining centers in Ireland and has the resources to back them up.

Stuga are looking forward to being part of the success of Polyframe in Ireland as the company’s plans to extend and increase capacity quickly may create more opportunities for Stuga to benefit from. With capacity being put in place for 2000 frames per week now, plans for a further extension to the factory and increase in capacity are already being made so Stuga will try hard to make themselves the preferred supplier for sawing & machining.

The Stuga ZX3 is able to produce between 650 and 700 windows per week in a single shift and the rotary tooling system gives total three hundred and sixty degree access for preps to be placed around any profile. There is no limit to how many profiles can be programmed on a Stuga sawing & machining center thanks to this superb system. The ZX3 also enjoys the benefit of a lateral buffer station which separates the sawing and machining modules and creates a situation where these two modules are almost never held up waiting for each other. This is what creates the major benefit over machines that have an inline buffer or no buffer at all.

One of the keys to choosing a supplier for sawing & machining centers is the back-up. As soon as one of these machines is commissioned the benefits become even more obvious almost instantly but when there is only one of them the ‘all your eggs in one basket’ syndrome is upon you so now you find out whether what the salesman told you is right or wrong. Well one thing that is certain will be a breakdown and it will always come at the worst possible time, so this is when the back-up becomes vital. How good is the service phone? Is it dedicated to service? Is there more than one person answering? Once you get through how soon will someone be able to help? Is the back-up fast and reliable? Can the problem be resolved over the phone? How soon will an engineer be able to get there if it is a total breakdown? Stuga were chosen as the preferred supplier because their back-up systems had been tried and tested with excellent results.
With a dedicated service center, a technician on the end of a phone, six technicians in the field, all technical resources in the UK as well as parts, Stuga were able to answer all concerns about what happens when things go wrong.

For further information please call 01493 742348 or visit www.stuga.co.uk

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