Screen shot new home pageFreefoam Building Products announce the launch of a new version of its consumer website myrooflinematters.co.uk. Working with web design agency Fusion Design the site has been given a fresh new look that incorporates features to make it faster for users to navigate the site and easier to find information.

The site has been a great success since its launch in 2012 with Freefoam seeing a steady increase in traffic over the last 12 months but, as with many online projects, constant monitoring of site traffic, key word performance, visitor search preferences and feedback from users has highlighted areas for modification and improvement.

The new site features several key areas; ‘The roofline guide’ explains what roofline is, the products needed and the mechanics of how roofline is replaced. ‘The Freefoam solution’ highlights the benefits of using Freefoam products including long life guarantees, colour options and low lifetime costs. Using information from the database of satisfied customers Freefoam has also included testimonials from homeowners who have found the site useful and been pleased with completed work by Registered Installers. Analysis also showed that the online quote request form needed to be simpler so has been redesigned and streamlined to make the process as easy as possible for consumers.

Louise Sanderson UK Marketing Executive explained “Our key aims were to simplify the customer journey and show how using myrooflinematters takes the hassle out of getting a quote for roofline work. The site is part of a much wider strategy to pull sales through the supply chain from consumers, to installers and ultimately stockists. This site is generating high quality qualified leads which result in business for installers and sales for stockists – it’s a win win situation!”


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