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National Fenestration Awards Launch first Award for nomination.

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The National Fenestration Awards launched this year as the brand new awards scheme for the UK Glass and Glazing Industry, nominated and voted for online by the industry itself and not by a panel of judges.

The response from the industry so far has been phenomenal with over 100 registering to vote on the first two days of launch and registrations coming in daily.

The first category open for nomination is the Award to find the Social Networker of 2013.

You may think what is the relevance to doors and windows with this award, however it is actually very important.

There are literally thousands of people that work in our industry that are engaging on social networking sites in some way or another, with Twitter being the most prolific at the presently.

Many well known names in our industry are actively engaging with other individuals and companies. Frequently Managing Directors of companies have actively communicated with individuals and businesses on social networking sites that they have never met or even visited their premises.

There is evidence online of new customers being obtained, new suppliers being found and an engagement across the fenestration industry like never before.

These new relationships cross the perceived boundaries between all levels of business life meaning that everyone is able to join in and offer help and guidance in their area of expertise. For windows and doors this extends to technical issues, installation issues and even posting pictures of work carried out.

The mainstream media portrays social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, as being the playground for students and rebels. The Fenestration industry has created a whole new definition of “Social Networking”. Using social media in business means that social interactions across all social networking sites are becoming valuable tools for new leads, new contacts and new sources of business.

About The National Fenestration Awards.

The National Fenestration awards are organised and run by the leading and successful industry websites, Aluminium Trade Supply and Double Glazing Blogger. Both websites are well known in the industry with thousands of monthly visitors to them. Aluminium Trade Supply being the first and only website of its kind in the country and Double Glazing Blogger being the top industry blogging website.


To learn more about the National Fenestration Awards, please contact

National Fenestration Awards info@fenestrationawards.co.uk www.fenestrationawards.co.uk


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