Kommerling's Technical Talent

While many people in the glazing industry know the front end Kömmerling sales team of Kevin Warner, Dave Reay, John England and Gareth Parton, few people know of the considerable technical expertise that supports their efforts.

John Berry and Keith Vast have over 23 years combined experience working for the profine Group including the KBE and Kömmerling brands, in all aspects of technical services, production and product design. John Berry’s role is more hands on in terms of customer support and his role is heavily involved in tooling surveys and design, window testing, certification, site visits and more recently the introduction of CE Marking.

Keith Vast is further involved in product design and is the man responsible for the design of the latest O70 and C70 Gold window and door system. His role also includes the production of CAD drawings for fabricators, installers and specifiers and liaison with all the leading European hardware companies.

Both John and Keith also have the resources of the group behind them in terms of research and development, product design and testing. Ideas and resources are also shared throughout the group, the results of which have been seen in the introduction of several new products and door systems over the last 12 months, including the impressive lift and slide PremiDoor.

More recently Keith and John have been involved in the development of the AluStar externally clad aluminium products for the C70 and O70 Gold systems, which will be an important addition to the Kömmerling commercial market offering. Together Keith and John are arguably two of the most experienced and capable technical engineers in the industry, reflecting the engineering and product quality philosophies that the Kömmerling brand is directly associated with.

For information on Kömmerling, call 01543 444900, e-mail enquiries@profine-group.com, log on to www.kommerling.co.uk or follow them on Twitter @kommerlinguk.

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