Synseal’s innovative box gutter has been carefully designed to help eradicate many of the issues associated with other roof systems.

For example, it is twin skinned and insulated   and helps to reduce the effects of condensation.

The double skin construction also increases strength and reduces sound pollution through the gutter, improving comfort for the homeowner.


“We know that the Global conservatory roof system can stand up to the most extreme weather conditions because it has been independently tested, and the results far exceeded expectations,” David Leng, Synseal’s Chief Executive explained.


Unusually for a gutter, the Global box gutter can be mounted using a special fixing plate, which means no holes are drilled through it. This eliminates the potential for leaks. Furthermore, the large 205mm wide design accommodates the extreme rainfall that is becoming increasingly common in the UK. Double box gutters are also available for even higher capacity (which also provides a sensible solution for ‘back-to-back’ adjacent roof installations).


Finally, long-term drainage issues caused by trapped leaves and debris is dramatically reduced thanks to the absence of internal support braces, and the dedicated side and under claddings are matched perfectly with the other roof claddings.


“Designed to be easy to fabricate, easy to fit, and easy to sell, Global is the UK’s number one bestselling conservatory roof system,” David said. “This is also down to our first-class service and excellent on time in full record.


“Every element of the Global roof system has been exhaustively tested by Synseal and has been passed by the British Board of Agrément (BBA).”


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