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Those Out For A Pound Of Flesh

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It’s been a funny year, in all sorts of senses. A busy one yes. We have a family run installations business and sales have been pretty good in a year that threatened all sorts of bumps in the road. So far it looks like we’re going to exceed the sales ...

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Is It Time For Employed Installers?

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A chat with an industry friend of mine inspired this post. It was about fitters and where to find them. Turns out it’s not the easiest job in the world to find a fitter these days. Who knew? We agreed that the talent pool of available fitters in our industry ...

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Could There Be A Wave Of Industry Disruption?

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It felt like August was the climax to some of the risks that were present in the industry right now. Usually a slow month on all fronts, the industry was plagued with administrations, plunging share prices, profit warnings and reports of falling sales. It was far from a positive picture ...

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How Much Is A Good Wage In This Industry?

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To attract new blood to this industry, money is often used as a way to tempt people into a career in the fenestration industry. There are though varying rates, depending on what you do, your age, your position within the company etc. There are perks for some, but not perks ...

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DGB Records Best Ever Day For Traffic

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August tends to be a quiet month on the news front. Most news-generating things are taking time off, like the Government, families etc. They’re all on holiday. But this August has been a little different. The saga with Entu has reached a climax it seems. It has kept many of ...

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