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Angel's on TV

Mighton Products will be running a TV campaign in June across a number of satellite and terrestrial channels to promote their patented Angel Ventlock™ child safety device, which has proven to be the safest, most secure and egress compliant restrictor available for vertical sliding sash windows.

The TV campaign will incorporate 30, 40 and 60 second TV commercials on SkySports 2 and 3, ESPN and ITV Carlton to raise the awareness of their product and the implications on child safety when it comes to windows, something that Mighton have championed for several years. The advertising campaign features a young child playing near an upstairs window, with her mother distracted and the potential for the girl to fall out of the window.

The advert explains the ease in which an Angel Ventlock™ can be retrofitted to an existing sash window, though there are options to fit these during the manufacturing process for both PVCu and timber sliding sash windows. This impressive safety device meets what is arguably the world’s most stringent international test, ASTM F2090–2008/2010 and BS EN14351-1:2006 standards and is used by some of the world’s largest window companies. It also surpasses all forced entry tests, allows for egress and automatically resets when the sash is closed. Following their incredible success with the Angel Ventlock™ child safety device, Mighton have developed similar products for casement windows.

Over 4,000 children are injured each year in the UK as a direct result of falling through an opening window, child safety has never been more important. Of these 15-20 are killed and over 80% are under the age of four according to statistics from RoSPA. Given that many vertical sliding sashes have low cill heights there is a requirement under Building Regulations to fit an opening restrictor and moreover if these were fitted in every appropriate opening, then these saddening statistics would be greatly reduced.

Mike Derham, chairman of Mighton Products comments: ‘The TV campaign is very much a first for the industry when it comes to child safety. Over the duration of the campaign we hope to raise further awareness in this important issue and highlight our patented solution with the Angel Ventlock™.’

Look out for the advert on SkySports 2 and 3, ESPN and ITV Carlton or visit the Mighton website at www.mightonproducts.com. You can also add to their growing following on Twitter @mightonproducts.


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