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74% of Installers Get New Customer Enquiries through BFRC Registration

A survey of BFRC registered installers has revealed that 73% of businesses saw new customer enquiries by offering energy efficient product and 73% viewed BFRC registration as a valuable sales tool.

In addition to asking about new business leads and extra sales the survey also covered homeowner awareness of the BFRC ratings scheme, the supply technical information about energy rated product and the building regulations as well as the provision of marketing support.

According to registered installers 82% of homeowners recognise the rainbow energy efficiency label. This is no doubt in part because of its simplicity, use across a range of household goods – and because it allows an easy direct comparison of one window and door against another. As a counterpoint to this awareness of the ‘rainbow’ label installers were also asked if they thought homeowners knew about and understood u-values. Only 15% of homeowners show any understanding of u-values installers stated.

“We have always believed that in addition to BFRC rated product being an easy and cost-effective route to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations, it was also a valuable sales tool in a market where homeowners are asking for ever more energy efficient windows and doors,” commented BFRC Operations Director Chris Mayne. “The survey also revealed a demand for more marketing support and more regular technical updates – and these are areas BFRC will be addressing during 2013.”

77% of installers wanted BFRC to supply van stickers and 82% wanted BFRC specific homeowner certificates issued. BFRC will be working to satisfy both demands in the next few months. A majority of registered installers would recommend BFRC registration.

Over 1,000 BFRC registered installers – called Authorised Retailers – were surveyed in February 2013.

To obtain further information on BFRC registration or any of the licences issued by BFRC: 020 7403 9200 / enquiries@bfrc.org / www.bfrc.org


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